Buena Vista County Attorney's Office
Forms A-M
Affidavit of Loss
Application for Court Appointed Attorney / Order Appointing Counsel
Arraignment and Plea of Not Guilty
Bad Check Crime Report
Bond Agreement
Community Service Certificate
Community Service Instructions
Community Service Plan
Compass Pointe Release
Guilty Plea - Aggravated
Guilty Plea - Dom Abuse
Guilty Plea - DWR
Guilty Plea - Felony
Guilty Plea - POM
Guilty Plea - Poss Cont Sub
Guilty Plea - Serious
Guilty Plea - Simple Misdemeanor
Guilty Plea - OWI 1st, 2nd or 3rd NEW 2017
Guilty Plea - OWI 1st – Deferred - Waiver of Rights
Guilty Plea - OWI 1st – Pro Se
Guilty Plea - OWI 1st - Pro Se (Spanish)
Invoice for Payment for a Non-expert Witness
Joint Application for Presentence Investigation

CINA Application with Attachments
CINA TPR and Affidavit
Application for Temporary Removal
Order for Temporary Removal